Puerto Carreño Tourism Council 

Welcome to the Tourism Council of Puerto Carreño (an international cooperative consortium) located on the Orinoco River, in the capital city (seat) of the Colombian State of Vichada, "The Land of People for People without Land."  We encourage and recommend that all backpackers, explorers, travellers, tourists and visitors join our international/local association prior to arrival in order to gain access to a wide-range of benefits, discounts, products and services. Since we expect Tourism to become the region's primary source of income by 2025 we encourage all members of the local civil society to become engaged in our council and network. 

International Tourism Destination

The founding body of the Puerto Carreño Tourism Council is Globcal International a subsidiary of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation (a US non-governmental organization) which established the "Puerto Carreño SDGs Fund" from its legal office in Washington, DC; this partnership will facilitate the organization's ability to submit documents, plans and proposals for grants and funding from more than 100,000 private foundations, educational institutions and address funding sources in English. The office in the United States will also assist with registering our unique brands, origins, sources and protecting intellectual property that belongs to our members. 

It may take us some time simply because of the nature of where we are, local customs, new COVID policies, and redrafting the local rules for accomodation to comply with international standards, but we will get there you can count on it, we have a whole town that is willing to work hard. 

Toninas - Orinoco River Dolphins in Puerto Carreño
Toninas: Local name for the Orinoco River Dolphin, Inia geoffrensis humboldtiana (L) an endangered species is still frequently seen in Puerto Carreño crises in Venezuela have reduced populations of many Orinoco species that are over hunted and poached.

Institutional Vision of the Tourism Council

Fostering ecologically sustainable socioeconomic growth of the dynamic Puerto Carreño, Vichada and Colombia tourism products and services for everyone to enjoy. 

Institutional Mission of the Tourism Council (Consortium)

To collaborate with partners and stakeholders in executing innovative strategies to market, develop and enhance Puerto Carreño and Vichada tourism sustainably in harmony with the needs of visitors through local partnerships that demonstrate economic results which improve in the region.

Guiding Principles of the Puerto Carreño Tourism Council

Council Membership

There are different levels of membership because the actual nature of our organization is international which is both that of a civil association and a functional cooperative with stakeholders. The various levels of membership will be discussed in our first assembly in October 2023. The initial formation involves the Puerto Carreño Tourism Fund which is operated by a United States nonprofit and charitable organization located in Washington, DC. 

The formational infrastructure (office, employees and online network) requires 48 - 60 million Colombian pesos to operate during the course of the first year for a maximum of 250 members of the approximately 400 businesses that currently support the tourism sector. 

In Puerto Carreño there will be a monthly meeting on the third Friday of each month. 

The Council (Consortium) is made up of three parts: